About Metosi.com

Who are we and what do we stand for

About Metosi.com

Metosi © is a registered brand under this name, quality products are made and sold. We try to implement this qualitystandard in all areas, this way we hope to offer you an excellent product experience.
Our goal is to expand our product line over a very broad spectrum in the near future. This extensive collection of goods, We want to supplement with excellent customer service, and an extensive network of official Metosi dealers. In this way we want to offer you the benefits of an uncomplicated and safe online shopping experience.

We are a young company but have already gained quite some experience

Although Metosi © is a new venture, we at Metosi © are already very experienced. We have built up a decent track record. And as a result, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship, product knowledge, product experience, customer focus, technical experience and quality insights. We use all this experience in the product design choices that we make and sell under the Metosi © Brand. So that you can assume that you will purchase a product that you will enjoy for as many years as possible.

Easy navigation and intuitive operation

We have tried to build and design our website in such a way to make finding your way as easy as possible for our visitors.
In this way we hope that you will find your way quickly, and that all information will be available to you in a few clicks.

High customer satisfaction score

Metosi.com has a very high customer satisfaction quota. We think it is very important that customers are satisfied with our products. We therefore always offer a guarantee on our products and are also ready for you if you have questions, problems or complaints about us or our products.

Comprehensive and personalized service

Service is very important to us if you have questions about your product or an order. You can always contact us click here for our contact page.
Our team of friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with an answer within the foreseeable future. Our employees personally take the time for you and your questions and will always try to answer your questions as clearly as possible. We will do our very best to look for solutions for your possible problems with our products.

Product range

Metosi © is known for the air-conditioning covers that you place over the outdoor unit of your air-conditioning system, which we offer in various sizes and colors. For the people with special wishes we even have paintable versions of the Metosi Airco Covers. Fun fact, popularly speaking people even name the airconditioner cover a Metosi Cover Instead
We find this a great honor, that we are for sure proud of, it shows the impact we made with our products. Our product range will be expanded in the future with other products. Check our website from time to time to find out more about the latest releases.

Need more info, or just want to get to know us better?

We hope that on this page we have been able to give you an idea of who we are and what we stand for. And if not or you just want to find out more about Metosi © and you cannot find this information on the website. Then please feel free to write us a message and get to know us. We are curious about your questions and are ready to answer them. Click here for our contact page.
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