Metosi Air Conditioning Covers

Metosi Airco Cover Compuesto Walnut Medium

A beautiful enclosure for the outdoor unit of your air conditioner.
Thanks to this enclosure, you reduce noise and it also looks great.

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With the Metosi © Airco cover, you bring a piece of design into your home. The A/C cover is placed over the outdoor unit.
And is made of Durable WPC this material is a mix of recycled wood scraps and plastic. The material has the appearance of wood and remains beautiful for a long time under all weather conditions. The Metosi air conditioner cover is compatible with all brands of air conditioners.

Metosi © Airco Cover Compuesto Medium walnut benefits:

  • Protects the outdoor unit against weather influences
  • If the outdoor unit is older but the air conditioner still works well, you can hide it from view.
  • It brings down air conditioning noise by several decibels.
  • It looks slick
  • Plants or figurines can be set up to make the product blend in with its surroundings.
  • Suitable for all brands of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Metosi © Airco Cover Compuesto Medium walnut dimensions:

Internal dimensions WxHxD: 88x67x38 CM

External dimensions WxHxD: 95x72x42 CM

Weight: 13.9 KG

Dimensions incl. packaging WxHxD: 108x87x15 CM

Weight: 14.9 KG



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