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Single tube cooling pipe 3/8 inch 25 mtr

Metosi © Single tube cooling pipe 3/8 inch 25 metres insulated cooling pipe.

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The Metosi © Metosi © Single tube insulated cooling pipe 3/8″ on a 25-metre roll. The Metosi single tube cooling pipe consists of a 25 metre roll of single tube cooling pipe. Handy if the easy connect and duo tube pipes do not fit with these, you can make your own combinations so that you are prepared for any job and any brand
Metosi © Single tube cooling pipe 3/8″ inch - 25 metres long:

  • High-quality insulated cooling pipe.
  • Real copper pipes
  • Copper thickness of 0.80 mm
  • Strong yet flexible
  • Compatible with all brands of air conditioners

Metosi © Duo tube cooling pipe 3/8″ inch - 25 metres long dimensions:

Length 2500 cm on roll

Wall thickness : 0.80mm

Pipe 1 diameter: 3/8″ inch (ex insulation)

Weight : ??? KG

Packaging dimensions WxHxD: ?x?x? CM

Weight Incl. packaging: ??,? KG


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